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Why Genesis Rescue Systems? 

Genesis Rescue Systems means unparalleled reliability, innovation, and performance in rescue equipment. With a legacy of saving lives, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower firefighters and emergency responders worldwide. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovation ensures that every product exceeds industry standards and is ready to meet the challenges of the most demanding rescue operations. Trust Genesis Rescue Systems for safety and success in every mission.

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At Genesis Rescue Systems, we firmly believe that "saving lives starts with quality workmanship." We reflect this across everything we do, such as:

  • Our expert employees dedicate themselves to crafting industry-leading rescue equipment

  • From concept to creation, our team prioritizes quality, innovation, and attention to detail

  • We exceed the needs of firefighters and emergency responders worldwide

Join us in our mission to make a difference where it matters most - in the moments that count.


Prepare for any rescue scenario with Genesis Rescue Systems' Nxt GEN Blade Inserts:

  • Manufactured with unique high-strength alloys for superior durability

  • Designed as sacrificial blades to maintain cutting ability on tough materials without damaging expensive primary blades on tools

  • Gives cutters equipped with Nxt GEN technology an edge on new vehicle safety standards

  • Blade inserts can be replaced in just 2 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime and saving money

Ensure your rescue tools are always ready for action with Nxt GEN Blade Inserts from Genesis Rescue Systems.

NXT GEN Blades
Forged Blade Graphic


Experience the pinnacle of rescue equipment manufacturing with Genesis Rescue Systems' Forged Blades:

  • Unparalleled strength, durability, and performance compared to cast or machined counterparts

  • Crafted through a process of heating and shaping metal under immense pressure for superior structural integrity

  • Refined grain structure ensures enhanced reliability and longevity

  • Withstand extreme temperatures, heavy loads, and maintain sharpness over time

Choose forged blades from Genesis Rescue Systems for unmatched performance and resilience in any rescue scenario.


Experience ultimate control with Genesis Rescue Systems' Rocker Switch Controller:

  • Utilizes fine muscle movements in the fingers for precise control of tool operation

  • Provides invaluable advantage in situations where patient appendages are trapped

  • Avoids gross muscle movements associated with traditional "twist" style controllers

  • Enables easy repositioning of the tool for cutting or spreading, while minimizing the risk of pinching or trapping the user's hand

Choose Genesis Rescue Systems for tools equipped with Rocker Switch Controller, ensuring safety and precision in every rescue operation.

Gross vs Fine Muscle Diagram
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